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There's Always A Way To Get What You Want

This post is aimed to help you become the kind of person that good stuff sticks to... and minimise any excess chasing, stress and inaction in return. On some level, living life well is all about setting achievable goals, as any goal-getting gospel will tell you. To paraphrase years of self-help manuals: "Have an end in mind, break it down into manageable chunks, do daily only what's important and viola! - trip away achieved, business launched and size 6 jeans out of hiding"... Ok, sounds easy enough... but it's the "do daily only what's important" bit that used to get me every time. Somehow Facebook, having another sandwich and calling a friend always got in the way of me even posting on this blog (an affliction I've now conquered, as you can see by the execution of this post! ;)) For those who suffer from action-aversion, there's always The Secret - see it, feel it, and it will come (getting off your bum and putting in the hard yakka is seemingly optional). This valuable but somewhat distorted account of manifestation presents a limited angle to what is actually a powerful law. If visualisation and affirmative thought was enough, I'd be driving a Mercedes to work by now, not catching a Mercedes bus. Now, I am not poo-pooing the Law of Attraction, The Secret or the desire for material possesions. Its more that when goal-actualising technology is split between the "Working-like-a-dog" vs the "See-it-and-it-will-come" camps, we kinda forget that the whole point of being a good egg in life (and indeed, truly being happy) is to give, not to get. Yes, success is dependent on action, with a bit of magic thrown in. But our ability to take those actions consistently depends on the inner strengths that are required to make said actions easy. Most of us are so OUTSIDE-focused that we forget that WEare our biggest work-in-progress. The recognition and development of our inner qualities is what determines our ability to add real value to the world around us. I don't belive that we "create" opportunities - rather, we grow intothem. A lot of us are still wishing for a fantasy life without doing the actual inner work to make it happen. Taking responsibility and looking at your 'stuff' is a humbling and uncomfortable process, but also one that is empowering beyond words and will prepare you for anything in life. When you improve, everything improves. Therein lies my whole argument for self-realisation. I am not after a wild dream or the fillment of a bottomless pit of depair within myself. Rather, I feel that the planet needs a lot of work, so I am taking the time and work necessary daily to be the most inspired, strong and compassionate woman I can be, so that I have the energy and resources to give back to others through who I am. As the adage goes, "you can't give what you don't have". If you don't like yourself, it's probably because you are behaving as someone you probably wouldn't like either. For instance, if I'm being lazy, skipping on exercise, being a brat or not giving my friends and family the care they deserve... I don't like myself. At the same time, when I exercise, am mindful in my communication, meditate, get my work out on time and act with integrity, I like myself. Simple! So, become someone you would like. How would you like to be described?The best way I know is to first focus on who you would like to BE. Then go ahead and be that person. That's it. If you have qualities that you need to work on, get off your butt and do so. If you need help, email me on and I would be happy to help you design an action plan. To finish off, here is a quote that I just found by Gary Gorrow that sums this up perfectly... Don't be shy after you finished reading this and leave a post about what inner skills and strengths you would like to develop in yourself... Or what advice you have for others who are wanting to develop more patience, resilience, grace or compassion in their lives... Alina x Shifting Perception There are two ways of meeting difficulties: we can alter the difficulties, or we can alter ourselves to meet them. A simple shift in our own awareness brings an enormous shift in how we experience daily life. If we could gently train ourselves to see the progressive value in every situation, to have our attention on the gift concealed behind that which is seemingly difficult, we would come to realize that life's challenges aren't meant to paralyse us, they are natures uniquely orchestrated events designed to accelerate our evolution and help us to discover who we really are. The truth is that if we're never challenged or never try to do something beyond what we have already mastered, we will never grow. Jai Guru Deva Gary