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Power Up At A Masterclass

"I am worthy of the safety that allows me to be soft.”.


~ Kierra C.T. Banks 

What exactly IS Feminine Energy?

The fact is, we live in a society that unconsciously expects us to live, love and succeed in a male way.

Yet when it comes time to take off our armour, we have a hard time letting go, winding back the control - and opening our heart for a relationship.


The result of this is an ongoing deficit to our personal confidence where, as women, we wonder what is wrong with us... disconnected from the very source of our authentic, softer self that makes us irresistible. 

Rather than do even more to 'improve' yourself for love, I'm here to encourage you to relax and do less... and let your ideal partner come to YOU.  


In this online hour-long Masterclass, I will take you through the steps you need to change up your dating strategy - and effortlessly receive your best relationship - with a man who will be unafraid of your power! 


Register your interest below to be informed of the first digital Masterclass, commencing in August, 2022. 


We'll be in touch soon!

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