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What They Say

"Alina is a dynamic, passionate and powerful woman who will lead you to places in your heart and soul where real change takes place. Open hearted and wise beyond her years, Alina embodies and honours the goddess in all women. She will help you connect with and unleash your own goddess energy and spirit."

Lorna Patten, Open Up Communication

Alina has an incredibly intelligent, insightful and warm understanding of women and their varied journeys and desires. She has an array of beautiful yet practical tips for attracting the right energy into your life. She just gets it, and is loads of fun to boot."

Trinity Scarf, Advocacy Manager, Tourism Australia

"Alina oozes the goddess energy, she radiates sexiness and is a leader in her field. This is her calling in life, her pearls of wisdom and knowledge on this subject shines when she presents. Her workshops are interactive, uplifting, fun  and she has inspires woman to embrace and regain their femeninity. It won't be long until Allina is on stage presenting on this subject round the world infront of thousands of people."

Justine McKell _ Publicist

"Alina is a true Professional, wise beyond her years and extremely experienced. She creates a space which allows one to be courageous and honest. She is a strong inspiring woman, whom I love working with." 

Zoe Marshal – TV Presenter, Eclipse Music TV

"Alina is one of the most insightful, and emotionally intelligent women i know, always giving graciously of her time and energy to guide me through confusing or trying times. Alinas deep knowledge of the human psyche and complex human behavioural patterns, specifically in the dance between the male and female, never cease to amaze and assist me. Alinas valuable knowledge seems to come from a deeply intuitive place as well as many years

of dedication to the study of human relationships. Alinas advice is a priceless gift that helps me find clarity and strength in any hurdles i may be looking to overcome. Alina's work is a true inspiration to woman who are striving towards living in their ultimate power

as a modern day goddess."

Amber Lestrange, Actress


‘Thank you again for a very inspirational and thought-provoking evening last night! I loved hearing your perception of "The Art of being Sexy".   I also really enjoyed learning and rehashing tools that simply get forgotten and distorted with everyday noise.’


Fabiola Gomez, Asyana Tan Owner

‘I had a lovely experience yesterday at the Art of Being Sexy Workshop and felt that I connected with your teachings and the philosophy around feminine energy. I’m in a t-junction in my life that requires me to make some decisions that are ‘life changing’ which is very scary. I found that the

tools you gave us can help me feel through this decision.’


Laura, Organisational Change Manager


Where do I start – amazing session. I’ve never been in a group setting with you – you were so inspiring. I got so much from it and actually am putting some time aside tonight to have a yummy bubble bath and reread the manual.

Rose, Marketing Strategist

I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed Tuesday's 'The Art of being Sexy'. It was really inspiring and motivating and I thought you were engaging and a truly beautiful presenter. I made more effort with my appearance the rest of the week and put into practice some of the things we discussed, and truly felt more sensual, sexy and in touch with myself. Awareness is everything. It's refreshing to be able to connect with your own beauty - inside and out. And my boyfriend's noticed the difference, which is nice too :)’

Jen, Senior IT Specialist

“I felt like I was part of a secret women’s society in which that we could meet together in secret and discuss issues with each other that we could easily identify with. It awakened a part of me that had long overslept inside me!”

Nikki, Account Manager

‘Alina - thank you!  I am feeling so good today. Seriously, not at all awkward and; as I felt walking into your session. I am sure I'll have questions in the future, but feeling great at the moment so just going with it....

As far as my experience; last night.... A refreshing and relaxing time to reflect on how to enhance my femininity and be sexier.... firstly, for myself and secondly, for my partner.  No offense intended, but I was truly surprised to see that all the women attending the event were absolutely stunning and very intelligent women. No desperation in the room, whatsoever. Not only were the topics discussed really constructive, just being in the presence of such beautiful and well spoken women was inspiring. Thanks again. 

Anne, Mother and on-line entrepreneur


‘I’ve done some amazing meditation sessions with Alina. When life gets crazy and you are getting tugged in too many directions, Alina can help you feel centred and literally charged with energy!’

Cate Mathers

National Director of Social Media OMD

Alina, thank you for everything you have done for me and for constantly staying committed and connected to what I have always wanted - inner peace ; love. Through our journey, I've unleashed my potential that was buried for years and without you, I wouldn't have access (or the eyes) to experience the life I had always dreamed of. Your nourishing, supportive yet challenging style is truly inspiring and I'll always hold our journey together as one the most

important building blocks to getting what I have always wanted. I'm connected, focussed, present and for once in my life - truly happy with me. I have only you to thank for creating the safe environment for me to explore, heal and grow.

Deanne Constantine | group account director | publicis mojo


‘Georgie here, just wanted to send a quick note and say hi, and let you know that you have seriously changed my world. The techniques which you have taught me I utilise regularly, and I make a special point of meditating regularly. My life right now is so smooth sailing, and with

each day that goes by I get stronger and my life seems to keep getting better. I have a lovely guy who I have been seeing now for quite a while, the kids are great, things with my ex-husband are really good, I am achieving great results at uni, I have stopped biting my fingernails, and OMG would you believe it, but I have been a non-smoker for 6 weeks now. I feel so good, and I am certain by keeping up all the  wonderful things that you taught me, is what has bought these things into my life. I now feel so worthy and know that I am worthy of great things in my life. I hope that you are well and thank you so much for all that you have taught me.’

Georgina, Lawyer

PRAISE FOR THE Goddess Forcefield BLOG

“WOW you are such a fabulous writer in this area, I love your posts.

I love your vibrant use of language and positivity. You have a gift and a 'Way' of reminding us

about the energetic way in which we can embrace life and embrace love and embrace

ourselves and embrace the world and embrace life again....:)

Your words and messages really do seem to echo out into to ether that we are connected

to....and inspire us we read them.....I feel uplifted reading them.....even if written primarily

for the female gender....they still work for us too.... thank you.”

David, Workplace Trainer

Hi Alina  :)

I enjoy your writing style; you write with a pizazz.  You have some punchy wisdoms in there that

feel really accessible to those who may be just starting in, or getting an inkling desire to open up

their awareness.  I recognise in your writing many places I've operated from in my past relations

with men, and have a rueful laugh with myself at the consequences that wreaked.

Laura, Energy worker

Hi Alina,

That's a great post :) I really enjoyed reading it, love your point of view, refreshing for a change

and it's so easy to read... I did not read the rule book but it sure sounds very different.


Jana, Fashion Designer

‘I read this again... Stopped for lunch and am literally kicking myself.... So many vital points you

made.. I had to be calmer and cooler.. I think I may have been my own worst enemy.. that's a

tough lesson when you really loved somebody! Thank you...’

Lana, Account Manager

Very insightful blog, about communicating , in a verbal and non-verbal way manning-up in a

sense, or just taking a step back. I agree with all that you have said, and makes sense for our demands as women to consider the

best way to communicate with a guy.

Monique, Events Co-ordinator

This is great and couldn't have come at a better time.....I actually am already using a lot of what

you have said already!! But it is nice to see it written down and know that I am kind of on the

right track! Learning all the time of course!! I love what you write and how you express yourself!


Straight to the point with fun added in!!!! Please keep it up and keep sharing your

wisdom......Love it! I just love a reminder of how I can live my life better and really keep trying to

make it work. I love your insight!!

Towera, Singer and Songwriter

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