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 One to One 

Self-Love Reboot Session



Are you…


  • going through a divorce or have recently come out of a separation?

  • experiencing heart break?

  • feeling like the demands of your career have an impact on your love life? 

  • want to revive your confidence after a bad dating history?

  • need a top up of positive energy and self-empowerment after being ghosted?

  • yearning to discover why you haven't yet met your soul mate?

  • curious about ‘dating from the feminine’ after worrying if you're too forward with men? 

A 1:1 Session With Alina is a powerful way to get empowered in the dating process. The session will help you remove any blockages that make you a magnet for loosers… and boost your wisdom, confidence and optimism with new, game changing dating skills.  

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