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Relationship Reboot

"My day gets busy very quickly juggling work, life, family, friends. There is so much I want to fit in, but I just feel guilty taking time out for myself. With the world around me moving so fast, sometimes I feel a little disconnected." 

We live in a society that unconsciously expects us to live, love and succeed in a male way. The result of this is an ongoing deficit to our spiritual reserves, resulting in stress, exhaustion and disconnection from the wisdom and healing energy that is so inherent to a fulfilling romantic life.


And yet we yearn in our bones for more, to feel stronger, deeper and more connected. We want our love-making to flourish, our relationships to overflow our cups and for our creative efforts to be seen and celebrated. 


Unfortunately, with only the male paradigms available as templates for personal growth, many of us don’ t know where to start to find our way back to our embodied feminine wisdom. 


RSVP to an exclusive one on one if you are ...

  • Yearning for more presence and connection from your partner, of the men you date if you're single?

  • Feeling burned out by the demands of your career.. and want to replenish intimacy and romance in your life.

  • Want to reconnect back to your magnetism and sensuality as a woman. 

  • Deepen self love and confidence to draw in more decadent adventures.

  • Curious to learn more about your ‘Diamond Codes’ - to activate more success, pleasure and fulfilment in your love life. 


​“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

Audre Lorde

Alina Rose Muse

An empowered woman is someone who...

  • Has been through life’s challenges and comes out the other side, liberated.

  • Is in command of her day, her choices and her body.

  • Embraces her sexuality and owns her deep desires.

  • Effortlessly and confidently communicates her needs.

  • Devotes time to herself and her various pleasures.

  • Fills her soul cup first, so she can be more available for others.

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The Diamond Code Values 

  • Empower self-expression and artful living

  • Encourage intimacy and courageous connection  

  • Be expressive, creative and intentional 

  • Stay open, grounded and intrigued 

  • Nourish the feminine spirit! 

  • Commit to your inner transformation 

  • Harness the intelligence of the Heart and Womb

  • Evolve with each new insight 

  • Cultivate a life of pleasure 

Ready to reset your Love Life?