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Breakthrough Session

"If I'm so fabulous, then why am I still single!?" 

It's incredible how many times I've heard a beautiful, accomplished, wonderful woman cry this in frustration. 

Wondering what she's doing wrong. Blaming herself if a man disappears.
And going on another self-development / affirmation / yoga binge cycle in the hopes of making herself 'perfect', 'better' and more 'loveable'.

Well what if I told you that this strategy is actually having a COUNTER effect on your dating success... and your theories about what men need and want from you couldn't be further from the TRUTH. 

In this 90 minute REBOOT session, I invite you to experience the secrets of 'effortless dating. 

- No more chasing ambivalent guys 
- No more crying over bad men 
- No more getting ghosted by losers 

Simply, you learn to rewrite your dating story deep in your psyche- and start owning your romantic journey from a more feminine stance. 

The dating process finally becomes more relaxed. Meeting men becomes pleasurable. Coffee dates become more fun. Relationships feel effortlessly productive.

And the best thing?

You become lighter, happier, more hopeful and more empowered... and you naturally start to let go of negative thinking and start to experience real romantic success. 

Ready to reset your Love Script? 


CLAIM this game-changing 1:1 session if you ...

  • Tired of attracting men who never want anything serious.

  • Have a pattern of dating men for a few months who won't commit.

  • Have a history of upsetting and disappointing 'situationships'.

  • Have been single for a while, and ready to break the 'drought'.

  • Tend to attract narcissists who treat you well at the beginning.

  • Recovering from a bad break-up and worry how this will affect future love.

  • Have had friends say you're 'too picky', but you don't want to drop your standards.

  • Ready to meet your soul-mate and start the life of your dreams. 

  • Know you have some past relationship baggage that first needs healing.

  • Have the life of your dreams, great career and home - and now just want to share that with someone!


​“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

Audre Lorde


A woman in a powerful relationship with herself is someone who...

  • Has been through heartbreak and comes out the other side with growth.

  • Knows how to ask for what she wants, yet is open to receive what she needs.

  • Embraces her sexuality and owns her deep desires.

  • Knows that sometimes getting into her body can be more constructive than talking.

  • Devotes time to various pleasures that fortify her - yet have nothing to do with work.

  • Prioritises filling her emotional cup first, so she can be truly present - rather than a martyr -  for others.

alina rose.png

Feminine Wisdom allows you to... 

  • Empower self-expression and artful living

  • Encourage intimacy and courageous connection  

  • Be expressive, creative and intentional 

  • Stay open, grounded and intrigued 

  • Nourish the feminine spirit! 

  • Commit to your inner transformation 

  • Harness the intelligence of the Heart and Womb

  • Evolve with each new insight 

  • Cultivate a life of pleasure 

Ready to reset your Love Life? 

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