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Stop working so hard on your love life

Updated: May 28, 2023

We live in a world that rewards speed and efficiency, rather than cycles and pauses.

We must produce on another person's clock, live by other people's scripts and eat our lunch around their schedule. And as a result, these routines completely dull our instincts and innate intuition.

So when we start to awaken to our feminine intelligence, it can feel uncomfortable and scary, as if we're going 'against the grain'.

But the biggest shift we can have as women is that when we don't work on other people's clocks and expectations, we become magnetic. The 'hustle culture' we so subscribe to becomes irrelevant once we understand the forcefield of our bodies - and how it pulls the things that we align with to us.

When you actually allow yourself to feel into things before acting, you move through the world with different, more whole-hearted intent.

To get back into that magnetic feminine energy goes beyond the 'aha' moment, when a paradigm shifts and you get to see your world through a different filter. To really activate that forcefield, we must remove the fog of repression, fear and old stress that stands in the way of your radiance.

What if I told you there is an energetic, science-proven method to release what has been blocking you in the subconscious, and liberate your energy field from old patterns, so your inner diamond can finally shine. That method is somatic body work.

When we move beyond conversation and comprehension and allow our bodies to lock in powerful new codes, it's a reset like any other. The work may lead you through some uncomfortable emotional spaces, but like an air bubble that rises to the surface of a still lake to gently float away and dissolve, so too, old unprocessed emotions feel liberated and leave your energy field, to dissipate into the original field of love.

There is struggle or confusion that comes with living, however subtly, hooked into other people's agendas.

Yet when these blocks are released and you come home to your own energy... you align back with the force of destiny that naturally governs your life. In essence, you become in flow. Your energy softens, the days feel more wondrous.... and as you let go... more things come in.

I know this can be so difficult to fathom when your world has only been spinning with you firmly gripping the steering wheel. When we let go and move forward in life not from our mind, but from our embodied feminine wisdom that is more instinctual than rational, you no longer feel the need to 'push' so hard to make things happen. You're no longer exhausted and defeated by life's challenges. And that applies for relationships too. Whenever as women we reach a certain point of uncertainty, we tend to move closer... control the outcome, reach forward to try get some assurance. But in the Law of Attraction, the more we chase, the more things repel away.

What I invite you to do instead is lean back, and trust your forcefield. When we re-learn how to receive, how to slow down and allow.... yet still hold the vision for our pleasure, the energy of our desires feels refreshed instead of stagnant. The trick to this is not ONLY to have positive expectations, but to truly OWN your desire and believe that love and abundance are already here for you.... in your magnetic field.

When you have a genuine connection with someone, the only way to sabotage it is to clutch to the connection way too hard, or close yourself down for fear of being hurt. You blame yourself and question your value if things don't work out, when it was actually YOU who shut down your energy and pushed that love away.

Am I doing something wrong? Is something wrong with me? Is this a mistake? And I faulty? Am I being too masculine? Of course, none of this is deliberate. Any time we do this, it happens subconsciously.

You're merely trying to protect yourself from past hurts - and any time these insecurities crop up, you have disconnected from your heart and have gone into your head.

Only by coming back to our honest and genuine instincts do we get a clear, present-tense sense of the connection.

The way back to love is diving deeper into the alchemy of our feelings, and knowing that feeling things in a way that is liberating to your energy field (rather than unnecessarily re-traumatising you as you may fear) will set you free to fully love and be loved. This is a path that you don't have to figure out alone... and I am here to help you! In my LOVE GODDESS PROGRAM, my intention is to break down the principles of feminine energy to its core essence, and keep it really simple.

You will have personalised tools, exercises and gentle rituals to embody this power so that it resonates in your body! You literally become as alluring as a magnet and as radiant and valuable as a diamond in the eyes of others. This is about being fully yourself, without hiding any parts and truly bringing out who you are. The wonderful, layered you who has always been waiting for you within, hidden beneath the busyness, the old traumas and the layers of other people's projections.

The very things that you have been insecure or ashamed about become the very part of your magic. As women, we do so much for others, yet we don't allow our own lives to become any easier.

And I think we deserve all that love, pampering and nourishment to come back to us 10-fold too.

The lighter you become, the more abundance you can handle. Remembering that you're magnetic means the Forcefield that unites us all does the heavy lifting.


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