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Top 10 Ways To Get Back In Your Power

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

We all have those days where you'd rather hide under the blankets. And it usually follows a traumatic moment with your man:

He didn't call. Stood you up. Forgot an anniversary. Said something unforgivable. Ghosted you. Gaslighted you. Walked out. And now, to top it all, he's actually disappeared.

While you want more than anything to hear him grovel, sometimes that option is not available. And if you want to own your magic as a woman, you'll need to rely on your inner process to get yourself back in your groove. Our tendency during these moments is to spiral, analysing every moment. We drive ourselves mad disecting every word. We collapse into a heap and blame ourselves, seething at the 'rejection', with our 'lack of loveability' to blame.

But what if it isn't so? While we can all feel down once in a while, what if discord with your man (especially if he's acting undeserving!) didn't push you into this agony longer than you needed? What if you could sort this out in a day, rather than a week? What if, rather than wallowing, there was a most attuned, feminine way to get out of this funk - and get your Goddess juices flowing again (not to mention him grovelling back at your chambers?) No matter what you're dealing with - whether it's just a boyfriend who's mucked up, you blaming yourself for an angry moment (we all have them), or finally standing up to someone who's taken advantage of your kindness one too many times, there IS a way to get your strength back, recharge your mojo, and get that crown back on, fast. Follow these 10 steps and go from ‘beaten down' to ‘beautiful’ in ONE day. 1. GROOM It may be tempting to hide out when your energy is low, but investing in small details like a mani or a blow dry could give you the lift you desire. Reinforce the message of self-love to your subconscious mind by taking care of the things that instantly make you feel special. 2. GLAM Don’t you love how our favourite divas still manage to look so alluring during the ebbs of their lives? Women like J-lo and Beyonce know that dressing up is the quickest way to communicate that you're the boss.. as well as being a most sensual and playful a way to celebrate your femininity. Channel your ‘inner goddess’ during this time by amping up your lingerie, gorgeous heels and sexy dresses. Get out that dark lip hue and those luxurious earrings. When we honour ourselves through adornment, we access an ancient part that remembers she once was - and always will be - a Queen.

3. GLIDE Did you know that up to 90% of a woman’s beauty is conveyed through her posture and carriage? To feel regal and confident then, simply bring awareness to your movements. Slow down, open your shoulders, sit tall and bring fluidity to your gestures. Move slowly and gracefully to reinforce a positive connection with your body, and communicate to the Universe that you're a woman who deserves to wear a crown - and who's worth is unspeakable. 4. GIVE Sharing your time and caring about the wellbeing of others is the fastest way to fill up on love. Seek those who could use your help; from your mum to your local shelter – and watch all your cares fall away as you focus on someone else. Call a friend. Visit your elderly neighbour. Lobby the government for a local cause. Perspective can be a great leveller. 5. GLOW Soft, supple skin is super-easy to maintain – and is one of our most beautiful features. Rub delicious organic oils like rosehip or jojoba on your face and body in the morning. Imagine your fingers are buzzing with ‘particles of love’ for bonus beauty benefits! Remember that you have plenty of time on this earth to write your luck - and no-one can take your radiance. 6. GRATITUDE Fill your heart with the acknowledgement of everything that’s still wonderful in your life. List all the wonderful people who love you, all the luxuries and benefits you get to enjoy and all the inspiring and happy lessons you’ve learnt along the way... Try and NOT feel fabulous after this! Even with the hard times, write a list of all the lessons and gifts they delivered. Remember, even diamonds are formed under pressure.

7. GIFTS You have so many intrinsic talents that amplify your gorgeousness- not to mention value as a woman. Express your majesty through all those ways: conscious conversations, nurturing a garden, dancing, painting, singing teaching, healing, and just being present and sharing your energy with those around you. There are many Muses who live inside you. How would THEY approach this situation? 8. GLEE Feeling low/neglected/rejected usually means your inner child (emotional centre) is feeling neglected... And the best treatment for any kid is fun! Get in touch with your inner-child by indulging in simple joys. Jump in puddles, build a cubby house in your lounge room and watch a silly animated movie while indulging in your favourite ice cream. The laughing and giggling will reconnect you with a part of yourself that is beyond any momentary pain... it's the eternal, enduring part of who you are, and she's always there to soothe you. 9. GROOVE Dance to your favourite music to feel energised from within. Put on a dynamic tune to belt out any intense feelings, then move on to something smooth and sensual you can swirl your hips to (go on, you Seductress!). 10. GROW Relationship issues can trigger our insecurities like nothing else – but only if you let them. Today is the day to go within and do some journaling about your feelings. If relationship anxiety is a recurring pattern for you, check out my Relationship Reboot Session. Were these tips helpful? Let me know in the comments!