• Alina B

The Art Of Sensual Power

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Whether you flick open Sunday Life or Harper’s Bazaar, there are constant women-centered topics of modern-day afflictions – selfie obsessions, botox madness, dietary drivers and dysfunctional modern marriages (porn addiction anyone)?

Equally, there is an uprising of remedies for the maladies – yoga, green juice, self-help books, retreats, rituals and courses.

I am an equally fashion-loving, green-juice guzzling and wine-imbibing writer and muse – yet nothing tickles me more than soulful women’s work.

Perhaps this term - 'soulful women's work' - conjures up images of women hugging and singing kumbaya (as well as rivers of tears, which can happen!). Yet for me, this intimate journey into the self is about transformation, a rich submersion into the feminine mystery our souls are desperately crying out for.

In all the quests for wholeness I’ve embarked upon (Ayuascha, naked rites, fire-walks, psychotherapy) nothing has been more constant – or stood the test of time – than sacred women’s work (anchored in a Tantric practice) as the crowning jewel of my toolkit.

Meaning, happiness and genuine contribution were all brought into being by harmonising my energetic resonance from within through yin / yang polarity work.

I am talking about fusing the secret wisdom of the ancestors with a more mindful approach to our millennial lives. This is all about managing your energy in a tailored way – through honouring your emotions and cycles ways that make your spirit thrive.

It’s time this wisdom traveled from earthy women on the ‘fringe’ - to the busy, ‘mainstream’ women in our cities… because, my God, the more conventional you are, the more you need this.

And yet, we live in such a world that no one will teach you this unless you seek it. Such is the mystery of this unique and potent system that frankly, our society disowned.

And so, this year, I decided - despite my job in luxury communications, I have to come back and continue to teach and share the wisdom of the Women I have learned, as much as I can. It’s beyond a wish – I believe it’s my duty.

It’s all easy to be fabulous and flowing when you’re in Byron Bay or Bora Bora – but what about when you work full time? Or putting in the long yards on your business? Plus prepping, food, mothering and exercising (if you’re lucky)?

We compensate and struggle and survive, with glimpses of illumination. Yet I want to give you a system where you are quite simply, overflowing.

The Diamond Codes is a whole new set of tools to replenish and radiate your woman-power from within.

If you are drained, tired or disenchanted then the only way out is to get Overflowing… and we’ve gotta come from the Base.

Nourish your mind and soul with practices to cultivate instant confidence and feminine essence, expanding your world with insightful lessons on love, abundance and empowered feminine strength.

Be among leading Womanhood that softly ripple authentic personal change. Perhaps you have a girlfriend, sister or mother who is yearning for this revitalisation. Why not pass this post on?