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Love vs Love - How Can You Tell?

We all want to feel the butterflies.

That feeling of our eyes and bodies belonging solely to another, where even the finest specimen leaves our head unturned.

I too have longed to lose myself in pining - euphoric moments of togetherness evolving to an elated crash as separation finally arrives.

Welcome to the world of lust, where romantic assessments are based on feeling and an 'unseen' energy vs character and togetherness.

Lust feels amazing - and not just in the loins. It is a feeling of desiring someone wholeheartedly with your body, including your heart. It is like taking a happy drug where you feel blissful in their presence... You feel bigger, better, stronger... indeed, it feels very much like falling in love.

So how do you know that you are not?

Because love awakens our desire to give, whilst lust triggers our compulsion to take. With lust, we WANT them, crave our fix. Their presence - or lack of - greatly influences our mood.

We don't seem to care whether they even care - whether they are on time, honest, 'get' our job or like our friends. Whilst those things may niggle at us, we conveniently forget them in the elation of being in their presence once again.

With love, it is a more grounded, anchored feeling of sweet knowing that extends its branches into partnership and togetherness. Simply, you're a team. You care about each others work and woes. Your desire is to give, to create happy moments for each other without expecting anything in return. You don't lose yourself when you are with them - you become more of who you are.

It is easy to imagine a future with your love object. There will be a receptive feeling as you picture your wedding, your children, meeting challenges and enjoying old age. Everything feels like it might just work out.

Try as you might to do the same for your lust object, and it feels like they almost want to run from the scene! There will be something in your gut that says 'this isn't right' and even 6 months down the line your visions may feel blurred.

So can your lust object be your love object? Absolutely. If the character and partnership are present. You will be best mates and lovers - as well as a million other incarnations all in the one. Oh, and your love object will TOTALLY give you butterflies...'s just a feeling that will grow stronger with time.

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