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Don't get divorced until you read this

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

You may pin-point the moment when things went sour with you and your man. A fight you never quite recover from. Or a slow pulling away in those dulling moments when a new job, or a new child creates oceans of distance between you. But it's from THAT moment that the warmth seems to escape your relationship. No more cheeky pats on the butt, or interlinking ankles when you sleep. You're ships in the night. Mere cohabiting icebergs. And any issues you try to bring up get stonewalled or emotionally high-jacked by either of your tense emotions.

So where did it all go wrong? And is there any way your love can resurrect its former glory? Let's break it down. When we lose our connection in a relationship, our confidence starts to drop, plummeting our mojo and magnetism along with it.

Even though doubt sets in, we project ALL these problems on the other person.

This creates a spiral of more stonewalling and other negative behaviour from both of you. You may find yourself here now - despairing, hurt, fearful and angry.

As blame and resentment build up like immovable towers, the force of your once-intimate connection begins to slip away.

But most relationships fail because we don’t adequately manage our OWN feelings at that place initial of disconnection.

Were you conscious about what you made it mean? Were you honest about your vulnerability underneath your anger? But did you know, a majority of ‘doomed’ relationships are able to be reset, with lasting and productive consequences.

When we are vulnerable, we honour ourselves and “lift” the fog of resentment, guilt and fear from your body. Healing commences, and being honest about our pain (rather than our indignation) transforms the frequency of your whole relationship.

Heart truth allows you to see things more clearly.

Couples address issues from a more loving and creative space.

In my practice, I see 70% of resentment and relationship problems disappear after this emotional clearing within occurs.

Clients constantly thank me for saving their marriage, or reviving their relationship.

But the thing is, they go on to save their own love. I’m just grateful they took that step to do the work, and commit themselves to balance their emotions.

Would you like more freedom, space, intimacy and love back in your own marriage or partnership?

Then you MUST begin to look at things with an emotional clean slate.

From your own power.

Please, don’t get divorced until you come talk to me.

The amount of women I see who are ”on the brink of divorce” - only to be making passionate love and receiving flowers mere days after our session, has far outweighed the unhappy love stories in my last 15 years of coaching.

This is not advice your friends will usually give.

This is not advice you’ll find in women’s magazines.

This is not even advice your therapist will give you.

What this is, is access to powerful feminine principles that have stood the test of time to revive your chemistry and restore an intimate connection.

If you are at your wits end, if you don’t know what else to do, if you’re on your final straw… but deep down you love your partner and will do anything to “fix” your marriage… then stop listening to anyone who is telling you there’s no hope.

We need to talk first.



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