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The ONE key to living your most fabulous life

Updated: May 28

I have noticed in the last few weeks how the word "discipline" conjures up all sorts of nervous twitches amongst my friends and clients.

Interesting to see how a word that simply means 'ritual, consistency and a worthy routine' actually conjures up images akin to Chinese water torture!

So how did this delusion start? And what can we do to befriend this rather useful but less-than-popular virtue?

Once upon a time, we decided that pleasure is good and pain is bad. It kinda began when we were very tiny and compared the experience of grazing our knees with that of Nana giving us a cupcake - and deciding we would much rather the latter.

As we grew slightly older, we became more and more at home with our world of sweet and gratifying delights.... discomfort becoming a distant cousin to sleeping in, playtime and yummy treats. We didn't know it at the time, but this was the beginning of confusing being comfortable with being happy. Normal for kids, debilitating for adults.

Over the years, our resilience muscle waned further and an inner Lazy Gnome began to settle in its place, thriving on the traps of quick-fix instant gratification and governing our life through shitty habits like sleeping past the alarm, having second helpings of dessert, skipping the gym and calling our exes.

As the Lazy Gnome began to take up more and more mental real-estate, our Inner Babe/Triathlete/Painter/Powerhouse was kicked to the curb. Her voice was only heard through our flashes of envy when we saw someone who was actually living out their gifts. "Bitch!" we would think of the fit, lithe woman on the beach doing her 4th lap of Bondi. "Oh, if only I'd had her body/boyfriend/discipline...." you lament. And, defeatist nature reigning supreme, you'd go home to the comforts of your safety net, relegating your real potential to nothing more than a 'childish fantasy'.

Arrghhh! Is this really how we want to be running our lives?

Your greatest ally is buried right underneath you. Your Discomfort is kinda like the weird kid at school that you initially ignored, but then became your closest friend when you discovered how funny she was during a classroom gag. So too, our pain becomes a welcome compatriot, if utilised correctly. Recognise it simply as nothing more than the sound of your Lazy Gnome complaining, not getting what it wants... and that's exactly what you want - to starve it of the sustenance of your attention so it dissolves, and grows something stronger in its place instead.

After all, what better way to disturb a gratification addict than to make it temporarily unavailable? :)

What you give in to is what runs your life. And I would much rather a bright, sensuous, fit, informed, wise and energised Goddess run my life. I reckon she's way more fun than Lazy on the couch. She is a fierce Queen who knows she's worth the effort...

The question is, do you?

If you don't, it's only 'cos Lazy has brainwashed you to have its way. Don't buy into its charms!

It's funny how we think that discipline is a way of suddenly being 'controlled', when its our complacence that had its grip on us all along...

The good news is, that like an imaginary friend, the Lazy Gnome lives only as long as you pay attention to it. And you deserve to now be paying attention to something else entirely. You are worth the trouble and the effort of making yourself as healthy, beautiful, wealthy, successful and inspired as you can be. Your dreams and projects ARE worth your time... and so is everything else in your life that is meaningful and magical to you, OK?

Listen to the voice of your Inner Goddess only, from now on. That was her speaking to you, by the way. Isn't she lovely?

So where are some wonderful and nourishing places to start being ritualistic around, for the purposes of flowering your spirit and your life?

- Getting up really early so you have time to meditate, exercise and consciously plan your day

- Saying NO to most things and people unless they nourish your self worth, creativity and soul (see post coming up on Discernment/ 80-20 Rule)

- Giving an hour daily to your label, novel, blog, website... whatever creative pursuit you're wanting to birth

- Going to bed at a regular hour

- Making 80% of your diet water, vegies, greens, alive foods...

- Making only 20% of your drinks alcoholic ;)

What else would nourish, support you and electrify your life, if given the regular care, love and attention?

I look forward to hearing from you below x

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