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If your life feels devoid of pleasure, meaning and “Joi de vie”, the art, power and mythology of Womanhood can help you channel back your true majesty to your own life. 


Alina will take you on a 2 hour journey to activate your inner muse - in a series of creative sessions that reconnect you with lessons on feminine power. 

Alina Rose Muse

This is perfect if you are

  • going through a divorce or have recently come out of a separation

  • are experiencing heart break. 

  • feeling burned out by the demands of your career.. and want to replenish and do something different. 

  • want to reconnect back to your identity, womanhood and sensuality as you mother. 

  • feeling a bit down and need to top up self-love and self-empowerment. 

  • yearning to access feminine ways to draw in your soul mate.  

  • are curious about ‘the diamond codes’ and how they impact your fulfilment as a woman. 


You will:

  • Understand yourself like never before.

  • Experience firsthand how harnessing your feminine energy can bring forth your true gifts. 

  • Work with various expressions of your self-worth, personal power, sensuality and relationships.

  • Bring more of your voice to the planet.

  • Learn the ways of Womanhood that are true to YOU – and use it to heal and uplift others. 

What makes you attractive is being yourself, being natural, being unaware ~ Diane von Furstenberg


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